Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here are the 25 most-played new and reissued blues/roots CDs from Australian artists in the month of March 2010

Compiled from playlists contributed by:
StarFM - St. Helens, Tasmania (Dave Barker)
5EFM - Victor Harbor, SA (Geoff Pegler)
BayFM – Byron Bay, NSW (Me)

1/FIONA BOYES/Blues Woman/Yellow Dog Records/09
2/MASON RACK BAND/Live In Canada/Independent/10
3/RAY BEADLE/Loaded/Independent/09
4/SWEET BABY JAMES and ROB EYERS/Double Voodoo Blues/Black Market Music/10
5/GEOFF ACHISON/One ticket, one ride/BlackMarket Music/09
6/EDDY & BLUES ON THE BOYLE/Blues Harp Joy/Independent/10
7/BONDI CIGARS/Universal Stew/Independent/09
8/DAN DINNEN/Back Home/Black Market Music/10
9/CHASE THE SUN/Rednecks and Gentlemen/Independent/10
10/DALLAS FRASCA/Not for love or money/Spank Betty Records/09
11/DAVID BYERS/Darkly David/Red Eye Records/09
12/ALI PENNY and THE MONEYMAKERS/Temptation/Red Beans Records /09
13/ROLL WITH IT/One day at a time/Independent/10
14/THE BLUES PREACHERS/Dry long so/Independent/09
15/ANDY COWAN/When The Night Comes In/ABC Music/09
16/CATH BUTLER’S JOINT VENTURE/Dangerous Desires/Independent/09
17/BEACHHEAD/Beachhead’s Blues (re-release) /Independent/08
18/HENRY CORREY/Self Made Man/Independent/09
19/DERWIN JONES/Blues after midnight/DerJon Production/09
20/DOC SPAN BLUES /Live in Australia/Independent/08
21/KES O’HARA/Tear The House Down (EP) /BlackMarket Music/09
22/CORRINA STEEL/A Fling With The King/Snakedrive-MGM/09
23/ANNI PIPER /Chasin’ tail/Black Market Music/10
24/KNiKi/Just/Namow Productions/08
25/BUDDY KNOX BAND/Got da blues/Independent/08

Star FM - Dave Barker www.myspace.com/dave39sbluesmix
5EFM - Geoff Pegler www.bluesbeatradio.com
BayFM - Anthony Moulay www.myspace.com/bayfmblues

Friday, April 9, 2010



Here are the 25 most-played new and reissued blues and roots CDs from Australian artists in the month of February 2010

Compiled from playlists contributed by:
StarFM - St. Helens, Tasmania
BayFM – Byron Bay, NSW

1. RAY BEADLE//Loaded//Independent//2009
2. ANNI PIPER//Chaisin' Tail//Black Market Music//2010
3. CHASE THE SUN//Rednecks and Gentlemen//Independent//2010
4. TOM RICHARDSON//Evolution// Independent //2009
5. ALI PENNY and THE MONEYMAKERS//Temptation//Red Beans Records//2009
6. CATH BUTLER//Dangerous Desires//Independent//2009
7. KNIKI//Just//Namow Productions//2008
8. CT & THE NIGHTHAWKS//Live at Aurora Stadium//Independent//2009
9. THE GIANTS//Motorcycles, Tattoos, Rock ‘n’ Roll & Blues//Black Market Music//2009
10. GLEN TERRY//Soul Searchin’//Only Blues Music//2009
11. ANDREA MARR//Sister Got Soul//Amphead Music//2009
12. DERWIN JONES//Blues after midnight//DerJon Production//2009
13. JAMES T and THE TOMAHAWKES//James T and The Tomahawkes//Independent//2009
14. BARREL HOUSE//Open Road//Cross Section Records//2009
15. DAN GRANERO//I Can't Stand To Lose//Independent//2009
16. STRAIGHT 8'S//25th Anniversary-Members Only//Preston Record//2009
17. DJ GOSPER//Hot Flush Blues//KarismaKatz//2009
18. THE DETONATORS//Live at the East//Black Market Music//2008
19. KIM CHURCHILL//With Sword and Shield//Independent//2009
20. BONDI CIGARS//Universal Stew//Independent//2009
21. ROLL WITH IT//One day at a time//Independent//2010
22. ANDY COWAN//When The Night Comes In//ABC Music //2009
23. MISSISSIPPI SHAKEDOWN//The Blues Lives Here//2008//Independent
24. PETE CORNELIUS//Suburban Hell//2008//Only Blues Music
25. DOC SPAN//Live In Australia//2008//Independent

Star FM - Dave Barker www.myspace.com/dave39sbluesmix
BayFM - Anthony Moulay www.myspace.com/bayfmblues