Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here are the 25 most-played new and reissued blues CDs from Australian artists in the month of January 2010

Compiled from playlists contributed by:
StarFM - St. Helens, Tasmania
BayFM – Byron Bay, NSW

1. RAY BEADLE//Loaded//2009//Independent
2. BORICH x BORICH + BRUS//Live at the Basement//2009//Independent
3. ASH GRUNWALD//Fish out of water//2008//DeltaGroove
4. DIESEL//Project Blues//2009//Liberation Music
5. CATH BUTLERS JOYNT VENTURE//Dangerous Desires//2009//Independent
6. ANDY COWAN//When The Night Comes//2009//ABC/Universal
7. DEAN THOMAS//Greyhound To Mecca//2009//Bombora Creative
8. MR BLACK and BLUES//The Morning Light//2009//Breakneck Records
9. CHASE THE SUN//Rednecks and Gentlemen//2010//Independent
10. KIM CHURCHILL//With Sword and Shield//2009//Independent
11. ALISON PENNEY//Temptation//2009//Red Bean Records
12. JAMES T & THE TOMAHAWKS//James T & The Tomahawks//2009//Independent
13. CHRIS DOC WHITE/Tabasco Tom//The Real Deal//2009//Independent
14. FIONA BOYES//Blues Woman//2009//Yellow Dog Records/Only Blues Music
15. HENRY CORREY//Self Made Man//2009//Independent
16. MARK EASTON//Money Is The Root Of All Evil//2009//Only Blues Music
17. MARK EASTON//Live at Sydney Blues 2009 Festival//2009//Independent
18. MICK KIDD//These Old Shoes//2009//Independent
19. PUGSLEY BUZZARD//Chicago Typewriter//2008//Independent
20. STRAIGHT 8s//25th Anniversary – Members Only//2009//Preston Records
21. CHASE THE SUN//EP//2009//Independent
22. DJ GOSPER//Hot Flush Blues//2009//KarismaKatz
23. SNEAKY WEASEL GANG//Bodyslide Blues//2009//Independent
24. STORMCELLAR//Spacejunk//2009//Independent
25. ROB TOGNONI//2010dB//Music Avenue//2009

Star FM - Dave Barker
BayFM - Anthony Moulay